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Lawn Aeration Service - St. Cloud, MN

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Lawn aeration is the process of mechanically removing soil plugs and small portions of thatch from the lawn. Lawn aeration relieves soil compaction and improves the ability of roots to grow deeper into the soil and expand. The mechanical removal of soil plugs is generally recognized as the best way to improve air and gas exchange, along with water and fertilizer intake.

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Aeration removes soil cores, forming holes that provide passageways for air, water and nutrients

Long and Short Term Benefits

  1. Promotes air exchange between the soil
  2. reduces soil compaction
  3. deeper, healthier root growth
  4. Improves nutrient uptake and use
  5. decreases water run off and puddling
  6. conserves water by improving soil
  7. penetrates heavy thatch,
  8. make the turf more heat and drought tolerant
  9. enriches surface soil improving resiliency
  10. You get a greener healthier lawn!